When you seek a new job opportunity, it is critically important to mention the work-related skills you demonstrated so far. It underlines your capability of focusing on quantifiable results.

At Stratagyn, the Top Placement Consultants In Mumbai, we look forward to get you on board after crosschecking that you have the required aptitude and tools to succeed the job or not.

Personal interview gives a fair idea about your personality and talks about the accomplishments. However, it doesn’t tell anything about the application part. When you mention the work related skills to us, we assure that you have a fair possibility of getting the job.

Nowadays, skill set is asked by everyone. It is included in the structured requirement format.

Work related skill set- what is it all about?

You talk to any Mumbai Hr Consultancy like us to know about work-related skills. At Stratagyn, we are more than happy to explain it.

  • Cognitive skills: These skills decide the insight into the thinking process of a person. They define the capabilities of the mind. A few examples are interpersonal skills, creative thinking, problem-solving skills, understanding, and presence of mind. Cognitive skills are nothing but your intellectual capabilities.
  • Functional skills: Functional skills decide the capability of performing the job. Typically, you have to manage teal, carry out responsibilities, manage expenses and implement projects. The more proficient you are, higher is the perfection. When you appoint Stratagyn, being one of the Best Recruitment Consultants In Mumbai, we make the things simple for you.

It is needless to say that experienced and fresh candidates possess different blends of cognitive and functional skills. Recruiters also measure the proficiency on separate parameters. Freshers should emphasize more on cognitive skills and the experienced candidates should focus on the functional skills. Best Placement Consultants In Mumbai know what to look for.

How to present your skills in the interview?

Interviewers need one or two examples (situation-based) to know about your proficiency. When they ask about your skills, tell the situations when you demonstrated high levels of skills to solve the problem. Remember, implementation and application of the skill are important and not just the theoretical knowledge of it. We recommend that you must you explain it with data and statistical analysis. It proves that you not only possess the right skills but also know how to apply it and when?

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